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Advertising is 85% confusion and 15% commission, sponsor ME and sleep better

This is my advertisement page. I offer different advertising options including banner placements and Twitter/Facebook sponsorship. These options enable you to reach audiences you never dreamt you would reach. Or you might exactly did dream it, in that case i can make your wet dream come true.

Just think of the moment you might be able to say something like this:

Wow! Incredible guy that Mixmaster Ruffy. I was sure i was throwing a piece of my marketing budget down the drain but that little banner on helped me to become Russian #1 entrepreneur (How could i underestimate the large amount of reggae lovers Russia has.)

…or something like this:

My Lawd!!!! Who ever could have imagined this gnawed off pencil business could ever work? That Twitter campaing Mr. Ruffy set up for me increased the sales of those second-hand, gnawed off pencils by 10.000% ! I finally get to drive that Ford Mustang!

If you like my project and you want to support me on my journey, feel free to make an inquery. It even gonna help grow your business in the process :)

Stay blessed!